METS Industry Partnership to Drive Innovation and Growth

Posted: 09/03/2013
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3 September 2013

Austmine, Australia’s leading association of the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS), welcomes the announcement by the Labor Government to establish the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) Innovation Partnership, one of 12 partnerships that has Federal Government support.
"The introduction of the METS Innovation Partnership is timely given the critical state of the mining sector with increasing costs pressures and falling productivity coupled with diminishing ore grades threatening Australia’s global competitive edge," said Alan Broome AM, Chairman of Austmine.
"Solutions to the challenges which global miners face can be provided by our highly innovative METS sector. "
Operating nationally with headquarters in Brisbane, the METS Innovation Partnership will provide a collaborative platform to coordinate the adoption of productivity enhancing technologies involving Australian SMEs, Global Tier 1 suppliers and mining companies.
By consolidating key players in the mining supply chain, it will help to increase the adoption rate of Australian innovation into global supply chains and build a highly collaborative business ecosystem to foster innovation, employment growth and international competitiveness.
"It will also enable the METS Sector to continue its strong growth path by assisting world-leading and cutting-edge Australian innovation to gain improved and quicker access to global markets," Mr Broome said.
"However, collaboration is the key as is the need to be cohesive in resolving industry issues both quickly and efficiently.
"The METS Innovation Partnership will secure the continued growth and success of this industry to ensure Australia does not lose its competitive advantage as a world-leading mining nation.
"If we can increase the adoption rates of Australian innovation into global mining value chains and accelerate the commercialisation cycle, we can look forward to another generation of mining leadership.
"We can also create a sustainable METS industry that will survive long after Australia’s dominance as a mining nation. And while our deposits are finite, our capabilities and skill sets will remain long into the future."
Austmine lead the bid for the METS Innovation Partnership along with a number of other key industry partners including the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Marketing and the CSIRO.
Austmine promotes the global advancement of technology, collaboration and innovation in mining, and proactively works to raise the profile of the sector in Australia and abroad. For more information visit

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