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Black Mountain Silver Report - Silver’s Dazzling Bull Run Shows no Sign of Fading

Silver’s modern uses are spread widely over industrial and technological sectors; its exclusive elemental qualities making it impossible to substitute. Its unique and irreplaceable applications are a mandatory inclusion in everyday technologies, a factor which has seen related demand rise by 78% over the past 20 years. Whilst some areas of application (such as x-ray technology) decline, other cutting edge applications consistently appear to spring up in their place. The distribution of electric power is wholly dependent upon silver contacts in circuit breakers and switches, and for those with a leaning to energy from a solar source, silver has this covered as well. Silver paste is used in most crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, giving access to instant, emissions-free power. With a projected usage of 100m ounces of silver for this application in 2015, the solar cell industry currently consumes 11% of total silver production. A second promising silver dependent method of electricity generation uses silver to reflect and concentrate solar energy into collectors containing salts, which are then used to power generators; a technology currently supplying 100% of energy needs to 10,000 homes in Barstow, California.

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Black Mountain Silver Report - Silver’s Dazzling Bull Run Shows no Sign of Fading.

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