ISMs Global Releases 13 Tips Essential for your Mine Site

Posted: 09/19/2012
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17 September, 2012


ISMs Global recently recorded a training podcast with Mining IQ. The valuable podcast titled ‘13 Tips from the Frontline to Solve the Common Problems at Your Mine Site’ is now available for anyone to listen to and can be found at

In the podcast, the host Paul Upson of ISMs Global cites that he has seen replicated problems at mine sites the world over and the most common include, managing a multi-site mining project, transporting people safely, controlling stock and defining logistical needs, just to name a few. Listen to the podcast for the effective solutions.

Paul has over 8 years’ experience in Hotel customer service, 7 years Business Development/ Sales and 8 years remote site exposure. He also has a wide range of specialized remote site service skills. His experiences span from operational roles through to project management at an international level both onshore and offshore across 4 continents. Paul’s strong focus on project conception, mobilization and system inception benefits every project he becomes involved with.

ISMs Global is an international supplier of specialist software to the Oil, Gas & Mining industry trading in workforce and village management solutions. With a proficiency in translating expertise and project know-how into intelligent solutions for site administration, our systems benefit clients from day one through resource optimization, integrated business applications, consolidated information and an increased overall understanding of their business.

For more information about problems related to multi-site management or management optimization – please check out ISMs Globals blog on


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Paul Upson
ISMs Global
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