MiningMaven and Mining IQ form Industry Partnership

Mining IQ Editorial
Posted: 11/14/2011


MiningMaven and Mining IQ form Industry Partnership

THE global mining boom has shifted into top gear because of growing demand and surging commodity prices. In fact profits of the world's 40 largest miners reached $US110 billion ($102bn) last year.

That represented an astounding percentage jump on the previous year and the start of a new period of growth that is forecast to continue as global demand increases and new projects are brought on stream.

In recognition of this, two industry partners, MiningMaven and Mining IQ, have come together to share their expertise and to ensure that their members and followers have access to content that enables them to make best practice decisions in the midst of this boom and to invest successfully into 2012 and beyond.

The Mining IQ/ MiningMaven partnership aims to create synergies between the two organisations’ to accelerate the business community’s understanding around investment, practices, processes and opportunities within the global mining community.

MiningMaven and Mining IQ Editorial:

Jacquie Bran, Content Editor of Mining IQ, said that she "was delighted to have the opportunity to work more closely with MiningMaven and to better align our shared goals of informing and commenting on the mining industry at large. "

Malcolm Palle, Co-Founder of MiningMaven, commented that ‘we are very excited about the sector and can see lots of opportunities in this partnership." He went on to say that "the fact that Mining IQ is based in Australia and we (MiningMaven) are in the UK presents an opportunity to add real value to our readers, sponsors and members. As Mining IQ is more industry focused and MiningMaven concentrates on private investors – we can leverage our differences to everyone’s benefit."

Notes to Editors:

MiningMaven offers news & research, observation, comment & speculation - always from a value investor’s perspective! There is no doubt that the resource sector is where the action is right now, though much of the coverage out therecan be too technical for the average person to understand. MiningMaven's objective is to empower the private investor and encourage more people to take an interest in the sector, so we will ensure that our content is straight talking, accessible to all and as jargon free as possible. We are building a network of investors who are, like us, on the lookout for value propositions and prefer a no nonsense approach to investing in the natural resource

Mining IQ is widely respected by our partners and widely used by our members. Mining IQ is the sector's only multi-media portal that features peer-to-peer content and commentary and that does not double as a consultant or vendor. It provides an unbiased forum for industry members to exchange actionable ideas and interact in a way not enabled by any other website or social media platform specific to this industry.

NB: MiningMaven is also featured here in Mining IQ's top Industry blog listing.


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Mining IQ Editorial
Posted: 11/14/2011