Resource Optimization Significantly Reduces Inefficiency at Mine Sites and Can Mitigate Risk – to both Operations and People

Posted: 08/27/2012
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How can you improve project handling? How can you manage staff most effectively? What can you do to keep my inventory under control? Can you increase bed utilization? Is using software worth the effort? Why smart software solutions are an investment, and not a cost towards project management?

In order to make informed decisions about resource optimization, mining professionals need to know the pros and cons of the solutions to these questions.

Resource optimization through integrated site management systems is a relatively new concept when it comes helping mining companies to significantly cut costs, reduce the risk of downtime, ensure worker safety and improve operational efficiency and decision making.

Mining IQ is delighted to be partnering with ISMS Global, specialists in capital stewardship and computerized workforce management. Mining IQ is proud to be working with a partner dedicated to excellence in mine site software; delivering the controlled management of safety and accountability to mining workers everywhere.

Reflective of the above challenges, Mining IQ and ISMS Global are partnering to deliver a premium podcast specific to thetop five logistic problems facing mining sites today.

This podcast will be broadcast through Mining IQ in September 2012 and will guide mining professionals through the pitfalls and speed bumps of resource optimization, workforce planning, stock control and mine site management.


For further details or press enquiries, please contact Courtney Green, eMarketing Manager for Mining IQ. 02 9229 2426

ISMS Global
ISMs Global, an owner operated company, is an international supplier of specialist software to the Oil, Gas & Mining industry trading in workforce and village management solutions. With a proficiency in translating expertise and project know-how into intelligent solutions for site administration, our systems benefit clients from day one through resource optimization, integrated business applications, consolidated information and an increased overall understanding of their business.

Mining IQ
Mining IQ is an information provider dedicated to the promotion of mining industry developments and the continued learning of its members. Led by over 60 technical and strategic events across Australasia, Africa, the US, Europe and the Middle East every year, we educate over 5,000 strategic and practical executives annually.