SIBA Solutions – the latest to form partnership with Mining IQ

Mining IQ Editorial
Posted: 09/02/2012


In the latest of a string of successful partnerships, Mining IQ has teamed up with innovative business intelligence specialist SIBA Solutions to create highly strategic webinars and podcasts for the mining industry.

The sessions will focus on providing practical solutions to some of the pressing reporting and analysis challenges now facing the industry.

SIBA Solutions has extensive experience servicing the mining industry and stands out in the market for its development of time and cost-effective solutions based around a series of pre-configured reporting and analysis templates.

SIBA director Steve Bates says the template approach, combined with the underlying data-in-memory QlikView technology, provides resources companies with a powerful yet speedy means of consolidating disparate data from multiple sources into a common, interactive reporting and analysis capability.

He says SIBA has moved quickly to address some of the emerging challenges facing the mining industry, including difficult-to-measure areas that existing systems cannot adequately accommodate.

"Through this partnership with Mining IQ we will be sharing information drawn from our experience in areas such as zero-harm management, gas emissions monitoring and NGERS reporting and pit-to-port processing and logistics," he says.

Other potential topics include optimising plant maintenance and eliminating over and under-servicing, asset life-cycle & replacement management and site/process productivity analysis.

The aim will be to provide information and solutions that are highly relevant in the current climate where cost containment and productivity gains are key imperatives for the mining industry.

For further information or media enquiries please contact Courtney Green at on +61 2 9229 2426.


SIBA Solutions

SIBA Solutions is backed by more than 10 years experience in the field of applied business analytics and interactive KPI reporting. With a fresh approach that combines a structured methodology with pre-configured templates, it specialises in delivering powerful solutions within very compact time-frames. Applying leading data-in-memory technology platform QlikView, SIBA works with clients to unlock and consolidate meaningful data from multiple system sources to provide critical business insights that benefit the bottom-line.

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Mining IQ
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Mining IQ Editorial
Posted: 09/02/2012