Assessing the Outlook for Bulk Commodities

Posted: 02/23/2011

Snapshot of the Mining Export Infrastructure Current Environment

It is of value to have a comprehensive understanding of the current output and export of commodities across Australia to ensure the necessary export infrastructure exists.

"The findings of the first ever audit of Australia’s critical minerals export chain suggest that Australia’s export infrastructure has suffered a "cancer of neglect" and is in a "critical state" of inadequacy, according to Minerals Council of Australia’s (MCA) executive officer Mitchell Hooke."
Australian Journal of Mining (AJM), June 2009

The Situation…
For the past 5-10years, the mining industry within Australia has been facing export delays due to bottlenecks within the rail supply chain and capacity constraints at major ports. This creates an inability in the mining supply chain to match the rate at which mining producers extract minerals and meet their contract tonnages.

The Challenges…
Like most industries, the Global Financial Crisis has affected the mining industry, with public infrastructure project funding placed under question and private funding for infrastructure at an all-time squeeze.

The Objective…
Addressing and ensuring these bottlenecks within mining export infrastructure are a priority, will mean that Australia is well positioned, as the global economy recovers, to take advantage of the many opportunities and benefits that will emerge.

In this recent industry presentation, Alan Copeland, Senior Commodity Analyst for Abare Economics provides a clear industry overview on how Australia is positioned. The session provides an analysis of the outlook and forecast of the demand and supply of Australia’s minerals; also providing the long term perspective of the minerals market when the economy stabilises.

For an update on the state of the 2011 marketplace you can attend IQPC's Mining Export Infrastructure 2011 conference: or simply call 02 9229 100002 9229 1000 for more information.

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Posted: 02/23/2011