How to Read Financial Accounts of Natural Resource Exploration Companies

How to Read Financial Accounts of Natural Resource Exploration Companies

There is no doubt that most investors still find the mining sector somewhat arcane and not easily accessible (this was certainly our view when we first starting investing here) and this can prove a major stumbling block for those wishing to gain a greater insight into a sector which, according to some, is soon set to grow at a pace to rival the Tech boom of the 90’s.

We also recognise that opportunities in Natural Resources are not always as they may seem at first glance and there are factors (such as funding issues) which needed to be appreciated and taken into consideration to get a better understanding of the risks.

Whilst Companies in other sectors are set up to make profits through their trading activities, resource exploration companies are different and as such, their treatment in financial reporting terms also needs to be different.

With this in mind, MiningMaven, in association with natural resource financial specialists Grant Thornton , have produced an Investors Guide to help you read and understand the accounts for companies in the Natural Resource sector. This is a really useful tool for investors of all levels and most importantly it’s written in "plain English" so you don’t need to be an accountant to understand it!

This guide is the first in a series of publications MiningMaven will be producing for investors. What is more, we will be making them available free of charge. To receive our all our guides as they become available, please ensure you subscribe to MiningMaven at

MiningMaven started life in December 2009 as an investor blog, focusing on a clutch of AIM listed exploration stocks where we saw the potential for significant value generation.

Since then, we have built up a global network of like-minded professional and private investors, many of whom we know personally, all with a keen eye for opportunities in the Natural Resources sector.

Our trademark "Value Propositions" are straight talking, non-technical research notes which spell out the investment case for each Company.

Our content is primarily but not exclusively company specific, we also organise investor events and produce educational and informational material designed to make the sector more accessible to investors.

The MiningMaven service is always bespoke; and we will only ever work with a select number of Companies where we clearly see the value and investment potential. We also invest directly in many of our Sponsoring Companies.

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How to Read Financial Accounts of Natural Resource Exploration Companies.

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