Improving Project Approvals Processes: Insight from the Department of State Development, Government of WA

Posted: 03/01/2011

Lead Agencies and the Improvement of Project Approval Processes

This government industry presentation by given by Giles Nunis, Department of State Development, Govt of Western Australia at the IQPC Mining Permits and Approvals conference in 2010.

It was focused on the drive for the responsible development of Western Australia’s future. The Department of State Development is now the lead agency for major resource, industry and infrastructure projects in WA.

The identification of this lead agency has significant impact on mining permits and approvals and the associated process.

Benefits to industry of working with a Lead agency include:

  1. Clear identification of approvals required, timelines and the level of assistance to be provided
  2. Point of contact and support over whole approvals process
  3. Responsibility to provide accurate timely information and meet approvals requirements

Download this presentation to understand how you are affected by this policy change and how you can improve your project approvals processes.

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Posted: 03/01/2011