Clean Mining Alliance & Mining IQ Form Partnership

Mining IQ Editorial
Posted: 07/31/2012

There is no doubt that clean mining has recently been making the headlines. The mining industry has certainly progressed over the last several decades and there is much better transparency around where the industry needs to go to become more environmentally responsible.

In recent news that further supports the clean coal mining cause, Australia and China have launched the Clean Coal Technology Partnership fund to accelerate the development of low emission coal technologies. It is estimated that will continue to grow by nearly two-thirds to 2035 based on current trends. This $1.1 million fund will be used to create new low emission technology, such as gasification, ox-fuel combustion and post combustion.

The Clean Mining Alliance and Mining IQ partnership aims at creating synergies between the two organisations’ to accelerate and support the mining industry on the clean mining path.

Clean Mining Alliance Executive Director Dallas Kachanrecently stated, "New groundbreaking technology innovations will truly move the economic, safety and environmental footprint needles of mining."

Both Mining IQ and the Clean Mining Alliance agree that there is a requirement to spread the word about clean mining initiatives and Mining IQ can support the Clean Mining Alliance with these objectives.

The Clean Mining Alliance willleverage the integrity and reach of Mining IQ to scale its messages to a wider global business community.

Jacquie Bran, Mining IQ’s Editor, commented that a partnership with the Clean Mining Allianceis "a natural extension of our engagement and commitment to deliver relevant and timely content to the mining industry audiences we connect with daily."

For more information please visit www.miningiq.comor to view our recent content specific to clean fuel in mining click here.

The Clean Mining Alliance
The Clean Mining Alliance is an international trade association dedicated to raising the profile of cleaner mining initiatives and how they’re reshaping the face of mining globally
Mining is vital to our way of life, but it hasn't changed much in hundreds of years. It still uses a vast amount of energy and other resources. But a new set of cleaner technologies are starting to emerge. Innovations from cleantech industries are starting to enter the mining sector to help make it safer, cleaner and less expensive. As a result, mining is cleaning itself up. The Clean Mining Alliance, a non-profit industry association, exists to showcase new emerging cleaner technologies in mining and the breakthrough companies around the world bringing them to market.

About Mining IQ:
Mining IQ is an information provider dedicated to the promotion of mining industry developments and the continued learning of its members. Led by over 60 technical and strategic events across Australasia, Africa, the US, Europe and the Middle East every year, we educate over 5,000 strategic and practical executives annually.

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Mining IQ Editorial
Posted: 07/31/2012