Mining IQ’s Podcast Partnership with BP Australia

Posted: 07/15/2012
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 16th July 2012, Sydney

Mining IQ is excited about the launch of Mining IQ’s podcast partnership with BP Australia. This podcast partnership features a series of four industry focused podcasts that will share knowledge with mining experts nationally around how they consume and maintain fuel at mine sites across the nation.

The podcast partnership launched on Monday 9th July at 9am (EST) and has already engaged with 100+ industry experts through the inaugural podcast in the series, ‘Why does your fuel need to be cleaner today than ever before?’

Clean diesel fuel now comes with a set of recommendations from the world wide fuel charter and these recommendations are particularly pertinent and challenging in Australia where diesel engine technology comes entirely from overseas resources. This creates a particular set of challenges for mining experts operating and maintaining diesel engine technology.

In the first podcast in this targeted series, John Appleyard, R&D Technology Manager for BP Global Mining, shares insights into changes in clean diesel fuel requirements.

John, is working closely with mining operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) to ensure that engines are working at their optimum and that clean fuel standards are being maintained.

"We know that equipment and machinery breakdowns on sites can have huge financial implications for mining operators. But with the advice from the BP Fuel Integrity Service, maintenance and breakdowns can be kept contained, and engines are kept running at their peak. For BP it is all about sharing our knowledge with our customers to add value back to their business and the mining industry. "

Future podcasts in the series will feature the following discussions:

  • How to Improve Diesel Storage and the Proper Maintenance of Fuel Systems
  • How have changes in Diesel Injector Technology affected Modern Injection Systems?
  • How to Develop an Indigenous Business Development Program

For more information please visit or to listen to the first podcast in the series click here.

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