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Reconciliation Challenges From Single Stopes to Multiple Mine Operations and Joint Ventures

At the last Mine Reconciliation event at the end of 2013 Darren Hurst, Senior Mine Geologist at Barrick Kanowna, gave a presentation on "Reconciliation Challenges From Single Stopes to Multiple Mine Operations and Joint Ventures". He covered...


This podcast is a recording of the CST Minerals presentation "Improving Ore body Knowledge for Better Performance and Reconciliation" held by David Wesley, Senior Mining Geologist at CST Minerals at the Mine Site Reconciliation conference in...

Improving Reconciliation through Ore Body Knowledge - CST Minerals Presentation

Mining IQ's 4th Annual Mine Reconciliation event once again brought together geologists from across Australia to discuss the challenges of great reconciliation.

Kicking off the event with the opening presentation was David Wesley,...

Four Things you Need to Know About Conducting Efficient and Robust Reconciliation in Mining

Measuring the performance of mining operations and developing KPIs is crucial to optimising project control. Companies need to ensure optimal performance of operations with accurate and actionable data. Ahead of Mine Site Reconciliation 2013,...

Breaking Down Silos to Improve Mine Reconciliation

Many Australian mining companies are experiencing high operational costs in a fluctuating economic climate. There is an increasing focus on optimising mine reconciliation by having it undertaken across the mining value chain. For...

Mine Reconciliation – More than Just a Geological Challenge

Historically reconciliation on mine sites has been very much the remit of geology. The reports were compiled by geologists in their spare time, passed on to shareholders (some of whom would read it, some wouldn’t!) and mostly left there,...

Resource Estimation: An Exercise in Rock Classification

In this interview, Dr. William X. Chavez, Professor at the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, shares solutions to the geological and engineering challenges within resource estimation.

Questions include:

What is...
Four Mistakes You’re Making With Mine Reconciliation

Mine reconciliation is a critical part to any mine site, but unfortunately, a lot of mining companies tend to underestimate its role in helping optimize production. The truth is reconciliation can help measure a daunting truth: how efficient –...


Mine reconciliation is an essential process to the continued performance and improvement of a mine site. An efficient and optimised reconciliation process can make or break your mine site’s exports, reputation and productivity.

Mining IQ...
8 Ways to Improve Operational KPIs in the Mining Industry

As all planners in the open pit mining industry know, one of the biggest challenges in your day to day job is not getting the mine plan written down, it’s the adherence of other operational departments to the plan. A keyway to get other...

14 results
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