New FIFO model to be piloted in South Australia (SA)

Posted: 05/29/2012
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Following on from the announcement last week regarding a new FIFO Model to be piloted in South Australia, the following details have now been issued to all regional Councils and local South Australian media on how the Model will work.
What is the Mount Gambier FIFO Model being piloted?
The District Council of Grant has initiated a program to explore options, business and individual interest in providing a fly in, fly out workforce from Mount Gambier to a mining region or regions.

The Framework
The initiative will cover the following steps:
  1. Information Sessions to community
  2. Online Surveys – Individual Skill profile and Business Profile
  3. Survey Report to Council

Saturday 23 June to Wednesday 4 July: Information Sessions

Information sessions will be conducted across the region for locals interested in learning more about what is required to work in the industry, the challenges, benefits and opportunities, plus the impacts on family to be managed. Click here for session and location times:
Friday 22 June to Sunday 22 July: Online Survey
Two surveys will be available online for completion; one for individuals interested in the possibility of fly in, fly out work and one for businesses who may be able to provide products and/or services to the industry.
The Individual Survey is aimed to collect information on skills and qualifications in the area, together with the degree of interest in fly in, fly out work and on what roster arrangements. No personal identifying data will be collected.
The Business Survey is aimed to collect information on the types of business services and/or products available locally that could be supplied to the mining or oil and gas industries. No specific business identifying data will be collected.
Links to the Survey will made available from 8.00am on Friday 22 June to midnight Sunday 22 July on all regional Council websites. A dedicated URL link will also be widely advertised for access. The survey will be accessible from all public internet facilities.
By Friday 3 August

A comprehensive report will be tabled to the District Council of Grant on the Survey outcomes. Pending the Survey report, there may be a number of outcomes:
  • The report may indicate that the skill mix of the region is not compatible with those required by the mining, oil and gas industries to progress, OR
  • The report may indicate that the level of interest in the local population to participate in fly in, fly in work arrangements is too low to progress, OR
  • The report may indicate a positive skill and interest outcome to progress to discussions with employers.

What is the role of The Resource Channel?

The Resource Channel has designed the Model and will facilitate the following steps:
  • Information Sessions in the region
  • Survey and Reporting
  • Feedback and recommendations to Council.
  • Introduction to industry employers where the report outcomes matches identified employer need. Discussions have already commenced and there is initial strong interest in seeing the model succeed.
When The Resource Channel presents the data to identified industry employers, it is intended that those employers will visit to determine if Mount Gambier and the surrounding region offers strong potential for recruitment and business opportunities.
It is important to note that whilst the Survey is anticipated to return a positive profile of the region, there is no guarantee that employment on a fly in, fly out basis will be an outcome.
What is the role of the District Council of Grant?
The Model Pilot is an initiative of the District Council of Grant.
The downturn in the local economy together with the strength of the Australian dollar means manufacturing and retail in the area is experiencing hardship, leading to concerns about future employment prospects for the region.
The recent upgrade to the Mount Gambier airport to accommodate larger aircraft together with the trade, operator and professional skill mix in the region means that the Council can quite possibly promote a ready-made workforce for one or a number of resource sector employers. This option is being explored with the objective to create economic sustainability for the region.
Further information and questions:

You can contact the District Council of Grant on: 08 8721 0444 or The Resource Channel at
The Resource Channel is partnered with MiningFM (, the National Apprenticeship Program ( and TQ Solutions ( on this initiative.
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For further information please visit or contact:
Jody Elliott, Director
The Resource Channel
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