MiningMaven set to Launch Down-Under

Posted: 08/23/2012
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After 3 years of continuing success in the UK, MiningMaven and Mining IQ are pleased to announce MiningMaven has launched their presence in the Australian mining market with the appointment of Kevin Jones as the Director of Australian Operations.

Kevin is an experienced investor with a wealth of knowledge of the sector. He will be working with MiningMaven’s existing sponsors in Australia and also working to grow awareness of the MiningMaven brand amongst natural resource companies and investors in Australia.

This coincides with the launch of MiningMaven’s new website which now includes a dedicated section for ASX listed companies.

MiningMaven continues to grow their network of global investors who are on the lookout for value propositions in the natural resource sector. Their objective is to empower the private investor and encourage more people to take an interest in the sector by ensuring that their content is always straight talking, accessible to all and as jargon free as possible.

And for that reason, the partnership between MiningMaven and Mining IQ, was created to share expertise and to ensure that their members and followers have access to content that enables them to make considered investment decisions throughout 2012 and beyond. Both parties are very much looking forward to extending their partnership to the Australian market.

For further details or press enquiries, please contact Courtney Green, eMarketing Manager for Mining IQ or Kevin Jones Director of Australian Operations for MiningMaven.

Mining IQ: Courtney Green,

MiningMaven Australia: Kevin Jones,

MiningMaven UK:
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