The Weird & Wonderful World of Mining

Posted: 05/01/2012
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Sure, you might not be a pop culture guru, but if you’re in our industry, we’re sure you have some interesting mining facts, stories, statistics or records up your sleeve…

Mining IQ is launching the Weird & Wonderful World of Mining – a book of records for the industry - and we need you! Our aim is to compile all the fabulous and surprising facts you know so we can share it with your fellow mining buddies.

Don’t wait till trivia night to show off your knowledge, ‘cause we’re all ears. We believe in giving some to get some, so to start the exchange of facts, did you know..?

* 'The Luck of the Irish' is an old mining expression that came out of the gold and silver rush years in the late 19th century...

* 69 days is the longest time survived underground after a mining disaster - a world record set after the Chilean San Jose mine rescue...

* The marble used in the construction of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier came from the Colorado Yule Quarry. ..

We want you to submit your favourite / weirdest / most interesting facts, statistics and records from the mining world to us. And we’ll compile all of these facts into a crazy mining book of records for your delight, delectation and education. Obviously we'll ensure that all of you who submit facts for inclusion are the first to receive the final eBook!

Join us in the weird and wonderful world of mining - send us a fact today! Simply leave a comment for us on this discussion or drop us a line at

We look forward to reading your facts!

The Mining IQ Team