Emerging Emerging Grease Technology - A Short Review of Lubricant Technology

Lubrication 101 – A Brief Introduction By Dr. Brett Chandler

Our amazing industrialized world has come about through the remarkable ingenuity and innovation of men and women who have turned abstract ideas and various raw materials into functional devices and instruments that we depend on in our daily lives. While not immediately obvious, all machines and instruments share one identical commonality - they require lubricants to operate.

Simply put, lubrication science focuses on optimizing the separation of contacting surfaces on moving components. For many, motor oil represents the most familiar lubricant used in our automobiles yet is something the average person does not give much thought about in how it functions. At the most basic level, oil separates surfaces by forming a thin film. The "thicker" the oil is, the thicker the film becomes and the greater the load that the contacting surfaces can support. The "thickness" of an oil is measured by the oil’s viscosity, the greater the viscosity, the thicker the film. An oil without any additives is referred to a Base Oil in the lubrication industry. Base oils are the foundation of all commercial lubricants and serve two fundamental roles:

  1. Reduce friction by forming a continuous fluid film to prevent direct contact between moving parts under pressure. In "Tech-Talk" this is known as hydrodynamic lubrication.
  2. Transfer heat away from hot surfaces and supplies heat to cold surfaces.

This whitepaper is a review of emerging grease technology and its application and is specific to synthetic sulfonate greases.

Emerging Emerging Grease Technology - A Short Review of Lubricant Technology.

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