A Crack is never just a Crack - Evolve Composites Dig Deeper

Traditionally pre-cast concrete products contain no industrially-designed reinforcing. Where steel mesh reinforcing is added, a two-dimensional reinforcement plane is formed meaning that a crack must find the mesh before the reinforcing starts working (post-crack reinforcing).

Now before we dig any deeper it is important to identify that there are two main types of cracking when it comes to pre-cast concrete products.

The first is often termed "plastic shrinkage cracking" and is simply a very minor hairline crack which may occur during curing as the product shrinks due to water evaporating and therefore the product loses mass whilst in a somewhat solid state. Plastic shrinkage cracking is superficial in nature and does not impact product performance.

Then we have the most easily recognised form of cracking; impact related. Whereas plastic shrinkage cracking tends to be somewhat controlled and isolated to certain areas of the pre-cast concrete product, impact related cracking is easily recognised as running completely across the surface or through the entire product.

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A Crack is never just a Crack - Evolve Composites Dig Deeper.

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